How You Can Use Nofollow Links and When You Need Them

Co-founder and present CEO of Google Larry Page invented the concept of Page Rank. It is one of the important factors where the pages rank in the search engines. Google generally view the links to other websites as the sense of confidence, means that the site is having good quality content. The concept is not entirely democratic. The pages that have become more important in terms of higher page ranks; they have more influence with external links. The transfer of importance is called the Google Juice.

Nofollow Link;

This concept is great when you are trying to make the webs pages more vital. The No follow links were invented to avoid blog spamming. The No follow link tells the search engine that the link is not trusted and reliable and it indirectly not improves the page rankings to the targeted site. For instance, you are having the site name as which is having a link to another site known as But when there is a No follow link, the rank of the site will not be improving. In the technical point of view, No follow Link is always modified by the value of the rel = “No follow”.

A normal link generally looks like <a href=””>Google</a> but the link that is having the No Follow link is <a href=”” rel=”no follow”>Google</a>. The No follow link will not block the site to be crawled but it only affects the page rankings in the search engines.

The Importance Of No follow Link;

There are lots of advantages of the No follow links for the site. If you are trying to improve the page rankings, it is better to find out the No follow links as they keep the page rank constant without influencing them. If you are trying to improve the search engine ranking, it is better to see what type of links are indicating your site. One individual works for several hours to find the number of links that are pointing the site. Though there are various ways to improve the page rankings but once you are having the No follow links, it will tremendously affect the Page Rank.

When Will You Use No follow Being Used?

There are various cases when an SEO expert uses the No follow link. They are described as below:

In the comment section of any article or any blog or similar website pages for discouraging spam. For instance, WordPress is one of the popular sites to post blogs and articles. It automatically has the Nofollow link option to all the comments.
You can sue the No follow link when you deliberately do not require increasing the page ranking of the target site.
If you want to keep constant the page ranking and want to increase the page ranking of the target site.

Thus, No follow links play an important role in the page rankings in the search engine platform. But when you are giving the No follow link, you should keep in mind that the tag is not removing the site from Google.

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