Impact of Google EMD Update for Multinational Businesses

Google has revealed it’s another algorithm which formed the next series of updates which is objective of enhancing the online visitors with a much better search results and browsing experience. Dubbed as “EMD update”, the prime focus of this algorithm was to get rid of the low quality match results from the SERPs. For several years, the value of getting domain names registered with the exact keywords has always been known to the SEOs.

EMD Algorithm Update

It has been observed that business owners get their domains registered with the type of service they generally provide. For example, if a business offers renovation services in a region, let’s say Cape Town, the business’s website is most likely to be registered with the name such as With the EMD update, Google has cancelled the spamming websites from appearing in the search results.

What Exactly is this Google EMD Update?

According to Matt Cutts, the main objective of EMD Update is to decrease the quantity of low quality exact match domains in the search results. This update was meant to ensure that the user experience is kept secure from being ruined by such low quality search results. It was confirmed by Google that the EMD algorithm is going to run on a periodic basis in order to catch what might have had been missed by the last update of Google. Google wants that the search results obtained must be free from any sort of manipulation.

How is Google Able to Differentiate Between the Low and High Quality EMDs?

This is a question whose answer is still open to suggestions. However, it is considered that Google uses links and social signals in order to compare between low and high quality EMDs. Over the gradual advancement, Google is getting more efficient at determining whether particular onsite content is of low or high quality.

The content which has utilized proper grammar, text format and spelling would definitely receive better grades. The links made to the domains, which are actually of low quality as per the judgment of Google, would cause the content to come done in the algorithm rankings. As a result of the falling ranks of the contents, the website would automatically receive low rankings as well.

Processes for Adhering to Google’s EMD Update

•    Get rid of all the contents on the EMD website which is considered to be of low quality. Check the content yourself whether it is truly written adhering to the search engines and does it provide genuine value or not. Remember that the content would either make or break your business. So, keep in mind that for better online business, the content must be of high quality.

•    The next thing to do is getting an inbound link profile audit. This would be done for the purpose of identifying the spam links which can lead to negative effects on Google. Once the profile audit has been developed, waste no time in getting rid of the spamming links as many as possible.

•    Make a routine of adding high quality contents for your website. Try to add at least one on a daily basis. You can always hire the professional writers for getting such high quality contents.

•    Increase the credibility and authority of your website by initiating a campaign for SEO link building. For further assistance, you can rely upon the guest blogging services to get quality links.

By understanding the concept about Google’s EMD Update, you can ensure that your website adheres to guidelines set by the search engine.

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