Important Issues about Failure of Local Rank Tracking

A website is considered to be very important for every business that is trying to participate in the online market. A website serves a point of contact between the company and consumers. A website needs to be informative as well as interactive in order to grab the attention of online visitors. However, with the present competitive market, an attractive and interactive website isn’t considered to be enough.

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It has been observed that online visitors are likely to check only results that appear in the first page of the search engine results. Therefore, every business tries to make their website appear among the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This is the job of the SEO experts. They tend to work in order to bring up a website in the first page of the search engine results.

However, there are times when the rankings of a website are not as desired. Let’s have a brief look at the various issues that are in relation with the local rank trackers.

  • Problems Related with Location Based Tracking

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has the tendency of giving map results that are based on physical location of the user. Along with that the local search results are always driven by targeting of the exact location on Google. However, it is important to consider that the search engines are created for the purpose of tracking rankings of businesses in accordance to their physical locations. This is quite problematic for businesses that attract customers from various cities. Due to this problem, businesses seek the affordable search engine marketing services so as to facilitate in better location based rank tracking.

In such instances, businesses usually pay a significant amount of money for covering up all the services areas under their businesses. The “coverings” means that all the areas are tracked as separate locations.

  • Frequency of Rank Tracking

Ranks are considered to be quite unpredictable and therefore many rank trackers like to keep a check the rankings on a daily basis so as to have a complete data. This is specially done by businesses that have multiple locations and thus require tracking the ranks across those locations. On contrast, if a business owner is trying to check the rankings only on a weekly basis, he or she won’t be getting the whole picture.

It is important to remember that the rankings in search engines are usually affected by the behavior of the online visitors. Therefore, simply studying a particular period of ranking isn’t a feasible option as chances are that you might skip over some important movements during the period.

  • Tracking Technology

Checking the local ranks can be done in multiple ways and this is what becomes problem in tracking of the local ranks. Even the simplest of differences can lead to different results in what the clients see and what the rank trackers see. It often becomes a problem when a client state that he or she is unable to see the ranking of a particular keyword, despite your reports stating the opposite. It is not the seo services pricing that hinders companies but the end result which matter for them. Despite spending hefty amount of money, often the desired results are not obtained.
Understanding these few limitations or loopholes in the local rank tracking and if these loopholes are properly adhered to and considered, you can definitely improve the rankings of your website.

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