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Ethics Comes First

It is the moral duty and responsibility of every SEO company to work in accordance with the norms and clauses laid by the topmost search engines. In technical terms search engine optimization should also be done following the white hat techniques. Though the usage of black hat techniques will surely lead to instant results for the websites, but in the long run it will surely lead to catastrophic problem for them. We have been dealing proficiently with both On and Off page optimization factors. The correct and ethical implementation of these factors will mean that the search engine rank of the client website will stay in a good position and will not suffer any major crush even long after the campaign is over.

Importance Of Standard Certification

The SEO companies do not need to sit for a certification test or anything like that for the adoption of search engine techniques. Standard certification organizations which are also known as vendors provide SEO certificates and they are not even related standard organizations or bodies by any means.

To attract global clients it is very necessary that a company has clean standards. Usage of unethical techniques will mean a great risk for the global reputation of the company. Thus it is of prime importance for a company to obtain standard certifications. Such enterprises will surely acquire higher goodwill than others.

We Value SEO Ethics

Our company boasts of a huge client base because of the standard and ethical work practices that we undertake in our daily ventures. We have also stood for the practices that have helped us to obtain the certifications.

Keeping up with the standards not only help to improve the quality of search engine optimization it also helps the optimization to be effective in the long run. It is crucial that the SEO service provider understands the value of the standards. We, on the other hand being the holder of a number of certificates will be able to produce excellent results following the SEO standards.

No Use Of Black Hat Or Unnatural SEO Techniques

We design our services in such manner that the optimization results like generation of back links and hence increase in traffic look natural. Our company has never used any black hat technique ever and is dead against it. We see no point in taking risk with the company’s benefits.

We avoid SEO techniques such as the following:

  • Spamming of keywords
  • Cloaked and doorway pages
  • Stuffing of keywords
  • Getting links from paid or banned sites
  • Getting links from FFA pages or sites
  • Irrelevant content in the site just for optimizing the site
We sent SEO Status Reports on either a bi-weekly and weekly basis. On the other hand, the Monthly SEO Performance Reports and the Google Analytics Report are sent on a monthly basis.

For long, I had tried to combat the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates from Google, but in vain. These updates were so strict that it became difficult for me to keep my business afloat and make sure that it appears amongst the first page results of the major search engines. Then I became acquainted with CompleteSEOService.com and I must say that trusting them was not a wrong decision. The link building services they offer has been unique and comprehensive in nature. I would recommend my fellow online marketers looking for an SEO company to place a query in the site of CompleteSEOService.com and know more about them.

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