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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different services offered by you and within what time limit?
We offer a complete strategy planning along with its implementation with on-page and off-page factors and side wide page factor. This includes link building services, keyword search optimization, paid advertising services and SEO content copy writing. The time slot that is taken by us to complete a SEO project is 6 months; the size of the website is also taken in to account.

What are the different search engines on which are website will be optimized?
We promise good results on all the renowned search engines like Google, MSN, yahoo, Alta vista, Ask me and Hotbot.

How do you change the website overall?
We recommend different ideas for the improvement on the website, but the changes are implemented by the client. If the FTP access is provided to us we make the changes and keep the client updated.

What is the Submission procedure and effective optimization?
We make submission on the top 10 search engines. These top ten search engines handle 90% of the web traffic. We don manual submission and it is more effective than any software. We are constantly updated about the changing trends and use the latest knowledge base on search engine behavior. We do a customized analysis and follow the proper guidelines for increasing the traffic of the website.

How can you assure be that the site will reach the best ranking?
Our knowledge and proficiency can promise you a constant high rank on the most important SERP’s. We run a ranking report before the completion of the optimization process and sent a monthly report during the optimization.

What is meant by SEO partner services or bulk SEO?
We offer bulk SEO services to other companies in web marketing or optimization services. We also consider technical work under bulk Seo services. The company focuses on the client coordination for development of the business. This helps in increasing the business in a cost effective way by merging with our SEO services.

What are the benefits that we will have after merging with your SEO services and outsourcing bulk Seo services to you?
We will give you a good amount of discount on the bulk SEO services that we do for you. Later on you can also switch over t o other clients at the best price. How will the Seo partnership help us later on?

As a part of bulk Seo services you will be given proposal format, project processes, contract formats, analysis of documents and communication format. We also offer marketing strategies in the form of marketing collateral format and tested marketing strategies. You will also have an advantage in the form of PPC advertisement and website content to grow your business.

How do you manage the difference in time with international clients when offering bulk SEO services?

We assure a good communication with our clients’ by constantly being in touch with them via emails. In case of emergency we will always be available over the phone. If the difference of time is more than 12 hours we make sure that there is a overlapping in the working hours for some time.

How do you calculate the Seo service charges for a website?
The cost of the Seo service is calculated on the basis of the size of the website and the amount of services that is contracted with you.

When do you expect me to make a payment for the SEO services or web marketing that you are undertaking for my website?
Please make a detail study on our website and let us know what you expect from us. If you feel that we are the beat for you please feel free to ask us for free quotations. you can also take our advice for different search engine campaign that will meet your requirements. We will then sent you a detail information about that service.

You can also ask us for the preliminary report of our website. Our SEO team will then to a detail research and analysis on your website and sent you a detail report on different parameters of SEO.

Our SEO team will suggest you the beat solution on the basis of the current rankings of your website.

We sent SEO Status Reports on either a bi-weekly and weekly basis. On the other hand, the Monthly SEO Performance Reports and the Google Analytics Report are sent on a monthly basis.

For long, I had tried to combat the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates from Google, but in vain. These updates were so strict that it became difficult for me to keep my business afloat and make sure that it appears amongst the first page results of the major search engines. Then I became acquainted with CompleteSEOService.com and I must say that trusting them was not a wrong decision. The link building services they offer has been unique and comprehensive in nature. I would recommend my fellow online marketers looking for an SEO company to place a query in the site of CompleteSEOService.com and know more about them.

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