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Off Page Optimization

It is a complement to On Page Optimization. In this context the major elements are the Links ("backlinks") to your page and the authority of your Website.

Off Page Optimization In The totality Of Search Engine Optimization Factors

As is clear from the figure Off Page Optimization is another name of off site optimization. In order to help any and all pages optimizations can to be done in the Web site; and these are talked about in Website SEO design factors. Another thing that we need to remember is that both links from a page. and links to a page, are imperative in determining the rank for a topic in search engines. A page dedicated to "widgets" should have one or more links to other good pages on widgets otherwise its rank won’t be high.

How To Attain Off Page Optimization

The best thing to do is to get links to the page from other Websites and then linking those links to the page within your own Website making it into a doorway page or portal. The most excellent links are those that are from high Authority Websites and Web pages having high Google PageRank. We should be careful while chosing our links because links that come from paid directories, link farms or pages with 0 PageRank will not be of much help instead links should include suitable Anchor Text and should if possible come from appropriate Web pages.

If your page is about widgets, then that page ought to be the top page retrieved for keyword [widgets]. Only then people would link to that site or page with word "widgets" in the links and you should get people to link from significant Web sites. In search results for keyword [widgets] the position of the page won’t be raised very much if only there is a link to the page that just gives the URL or a link that says "Here". However, it may help increase the authority of the page. It is pretty useless to use numerous keywords to link to a page after it achieved a high position for one keyword because the new links do not effect the position for the original keyword. Let me warn you that it is indeed a very bad idea to think of damaging competition by linking to them with an irrelevant keyword. My advice is don't do it.

Sources of external links are comprised of: Your own auxiliary websites or web logs, link exchanges with related sites, directories, unsolicited links from other people's websites, social networking Web sites (facebook, twitter, digg, stumbleupon) forums and comments in Web logs. Remember it is best to get links from high ranking websites and web pages.

Although internal repeating links within your own Web site are counted, yet it is always better to get links from many different sources.

Reciprocal Links – Although some people assert that reciprocal links get a lesser amount of credit than one way links because search engines "think" that the reciprocal links are used not for merit but to get higher ranks in search engines, yet it is probably untrue.

Deep Links - Deep links should be encouraged as these are links to specific pages inside your Website and there is nothing spurious about these links.

Link Popularity is the measure of the quantity of 'inbound' or 'One Way' links to your website and has turn into a crucial part of general SEO. Qualified 'One Way' link building continues to be a most successful methods of gaining rapid access to Google, Yahoo and MSN (Link exchanges or cross linking cancel each other out! - Not very successful!). You must have one way links pointing to your website to construct solid link popularity. Link popularity building also develops ranking and of course Page Rank in Google.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Says

  • Have other relevant sites link to yours.
  • Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo!, as well as to other industry-specific expert sites.

Directories are exceptional link popularity builders and by far the easiest to control. A quality 'inbound' link from a high-quality directory carries more relevance and weight than achieve of cross links or link exchanges from websites that aren't relevant to your product or service.

One way, to find directories for you category is only to search Google for a list of directories. For example, if you are looking for a law firm, then search for law firm directory.

So establish building your link popularity today by applying to high quality directories. If you don't have the time, we can do the submission work for you. Ask us for a quote.

We sent SEO Status Reports on either a bi-weekly and weekly basis. On the other hand, the Monthly SEO Performance Reports and the Google Analytics Report are sent on a monthly basis.

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